Creating the Image for You!

Ah, the world we live in is ever-changing, hustling and bustling with activity, making life a bit on the ‘noisy’ side.

So many changes have taken place in the 30+ years I’ve been involved in the photographic world. We’ve transitioned from film to digital, from emulsion to pixels, from the darkroom to the computer, with the world of image-capture being accessible to more people now than ever before (as close as your nearest cell phone!)

I started my own adventure in photography with a passion for black-and-white image capture, spending hours upon hours perfecting my technique in not only creating the images,  but in the darkroom perfecting my processing and printing techniques. Additionally, I enhanced many of the images I created by hand-coloring them with chalks and oils, creating one-of-a-kind art pieces, in a style which is still very popular today.  Fortunately, I’ve been able to transfer the knowledge and the skills learned then, to the work I do today.

In creating fine art portraiture  for customers, my main purpose is to capture their spirit—the essence of who they are, and their relationships.  To capture a mood, a tone, a period in time that is theirs. To create something they can display in their homes–visual reminders of wondrous moments in time. Images that provide a place of respite–something that, upon viewing, brings back the emotions experienced, such as love, peace, joy, happiness.